Tantric Awakening

Tantric Awakening

“There we lay; body to body, heart to heart, soul to soul.”

A few nights ago, my partner and I engaged in an unbridled, passionate exchange of energy that evolved into a space of tantric and spiritual experience. As I felt my breath opening a doorway to the Divine, I could sense our level of intuition beginning to rise; each of us taking on our own expressions of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine archetypes.

You may have guessed that I am talking about sex. Sex and tantra are words that suggest particular images and/or practices. Maybe you’ve even heard a tale of some friend of a friend having a feverish, tantric sexual adventure, lasting for hour upon hours. The western model or culture of tantra seems to end at mind blowing sex. And while that can and may be a product of the practice, it also far exceeds this carnal experience. The word *tantra* means to weave, to expand, and to spread. It invites each practitioner to embrace all of their earthly and spiritual desires, but teaches said practitioner how to weave life’s fabric in a way that supports rich, fulfilling, and true experience to the Divine.

Now, I am in no way deeply rooted in the vast teachings of this practice. I am a modern day, American woman, and like many others, tries to learn at least a little about a lot of things. I do, however, make sure that what I learn and ultimately apply, I treat with reverence and always pay homage to the traditional teachings, but I am also of the belief that in order for the common householder or modern day practitioner to live these traditions, sometimes they must be respectfully adapted to fit into the container of a modern day society.

So, sex.

The ability and opportunity to witness your beloved in the fullness of their powerful, vibrant, and sacred being, as though you were breathing into the Universe or God itself, is nothing short of humbling and empowering all at once. Sex, when revered and regarded as such, is a beautiful, intertwining of souls. Giving and receiving, breathing into one another, exchanging energy in complete trust; building to this level of intimacy requires nurturing. It requires patience. It definitely requires vulnerability, and may even require you to give up control. It’s also important to keep in mind that not everyone is going to be ready for quite that much unraveling, and even if you are, your partner may not be, so give it time. Practice getting to know your body, practice breathing and awakening the dormant parts of your heart. Spend time in meditation. Dance or express yourself in a way that unleashes your wild, untamed soul. And when it feels right, invite your beloved into your space as you embody the sacred through your movement. Use your eyes to hold their gaze while guiding them into the pulse and rhythm of your breath: slow, deep, and purposeful.

I read a quote in yoga class once that spoke to the energy of giving and receiving and it led me down a path that allowed me to remember that they are one in the same.

A simple exchange.

I spoke to my students about this and had them practice through their breathe. On one end of the spectrum, I encouraged them notice the space of receptivity through their inhale. Upon their exhale, I invited them to notice how they were giving or sending that energy back into the world. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I asked them to become aware of how their bodies were being infused with (giving themselves) the gift of prana through their inhale. And then, through the eyes of those around them, how those people were then receiving that very life force. As it stands, depending on your point of view, you may perceive this exchange of energy differently, but from overhead, it simply remains an exchange of energy.

An ebb and flow.

Passing to and from, one to the next.

No beginning and no end.



The earth.

The cosmos.


We are all connected.

“I breathe into my beloved, and he breathes into me.”

When engaging in these intimate moments with your beloved, honor them. Treat them the reverence they deserve. Allow yourself to shine bright, standing in truth, integrity, and divine expression. Receive one another as a catalyst to love you open, and then bravely lean into the doorway that wants to show you just how sacred you are.


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