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From the Heart, For the Heart

Our services are an offering of love, and an opportunity to foster and develop stronger, more dynamic connection with the heart of your beloved and/or your own heart. Our programs are meant to be a deep dive into the unknown, therefore it is necessary to cultivate a trusting relationship, devotion to practice, and a willingness to explore unfamiliar territory within the container of this work in order for the magic to unfold! Please let us know how we may best serve you, for we would be honored to guide and suppport you along your journey to love.

Love Coaching

Choose the offering right for you! From individual sessions, to packages, and even a monthly club “membership”, our options will provide you with personalized tools, practices, and guidance to help reveal your heart’s deepest love.

From The Heart Yoga

Practice as one or two! Book a single class to dip your toes into the world of yoga, or sign up for a class pass to dive deep into the heart of this sacred practice. Prepare to explore your mind, body, breath (and perhaps your beloved!), to help further align into LOVE.

Anahata Ceremony

Intimacy, love, and trust are the cornerstones of this ceremonial experience, so prepare to journey deep into heart and soul. It’s time to re-ignite your spark, consciously connect as you gaze into the eyes of your beloved, and remember the truth of your love.

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