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Let us serve you in your journey. From Anahata focused yoga and meditation customized to YOUR needs, to talismans and tools to help guide you along in your practice, we aim to provide for you. Join the M-Path for exclusive discounts to all products and services, and to get daily assistance on your journey. Or schedule time with us to help you work on YOUR relationship with yourself and/or your beloved!


Take a peek at our Love Junkie Mala Collection to get you started with your meditation practice! Be Love, Attract Love, and Communicate with Love with our handmade designs: more designs coming soon!


Love Coaching, ceremony, and heart-based yoga are just a click away. A variety of packages and pricing options are available for those brave enough to dive in and say YES to love!

The M-Path

Community based support, weekly meditations and practices, discounts on products and services…need I say more? Join our monthly membership to connect with other like-minded hearts and souls in the M-Path.