Love Junkie Mala Collection


Mala beads, or japa malas, have been used for centuries as a tool for meditation, and more recently worn as a form of sacred jewelry among many yogis to serve as a reminder of spiritual practice and devotion. The word mala is Sanskrit for “garland”, and japa means “repetition”. Traditionally, each mala strand is made with 108 beads. The significance of the number dates back to ancient Vedic culture where it was believed that 108 was the number of existence. According to ancient belief, there are 108 sacred points on the body, 108 Vedic texts, and 108 energy lines that come together at the heart chakra.

The Love Junkie mala collection is designed with cultivating a deeper and more loving relationship in mind: with yourself, and your beloved. Each of our malas are created to amplify a variety of intentions such as attracting love, being love, learning to communicate and express yourself more lovingly, and forgiving from a place of peace and love. Our Love Junkie malas are handmade with love in hopes that they will serve and bless each wearer who walks the path of the heart.


It is said that it takes 40 days of continuous meditation for your mala to take on the energy of your intention. You may have a mantra or affirmation already in mind for your mala ahead of time, or you may choose to allow one to come to you organically. Some practitioners may use a simple word such as *love* or *peace*, while others may decide to use a short phrase, whether it be in Sanskrit or English. Before beginning your meditation, make sure you create a quiet and relaxed space for yourself, letting others know you are not to be interrupted. Choose your more dominant hand to hold your strand in. Allow your index finger and thumb to rest on the guru bead (the larger bead at the base of your mala). Take a few deep breaths. Begin to roll your finger and thumb across each bead as your repeat your mantra, keeping your breath steady and relaxed. If you find yourself with distracting thoughts, return to the bead where you lost focus, invite your attention back to your mantra and breath, and continue. By the time you move through the entire strand, you will have repeated your mantra 108 times! That is considered a full cycle. When you have completed your mala meditation, sit for a few breaths before opening your eyes. Place your palms together at your heart and give thanks.

“I love both of my malas very much! Not only are they beautiful, but they are obviously made with lots of love and intention. The craftsmanship is fabulous, and the stones are absolutely gorgeous! The first one I purchased, I fell in love with at first sight, and it has been a constant companion ever since. Knowing the level of attention Rachael pays to the details, I commissioned her to create the second one using a mantra I had created for myself. I had no idea how it would turn out when I ordered it, but became teary-eyed when I saw it for the first time. There is no way I could have chosen a more beautiful representation for my mantra!”
~Jenn T.
“My handmade mala is so beautifully crafted. The stones are so full of color and energy, and it arrived quickly. I couldn’t be happier! “
~Karen C.
“Purple is my favorite color and I love that sunshine takes my mala’s amethyst beads to another level of beauty. I always take little extra time to admire it in the sun after my outdoor meditation. My mala is truly eye-catching. Even though it’s so well made, my 2 year old daughter carries it so gently that it makes me think the mala has superpowers. It definitely exceeded all my expectations. I am happy I supported Rachael and will continue to do so.”
~Eva B.