I Offer You This

I Offer You This

I offer you love.
Unabashedly and unapologetically.
I offer you love as a woman, passionately in love with her partner, her one true beloved.
I offer you love as a teacher, humbled by those with open minds and listening ears.
I will move, and breathe, and grow from love.
I will allow love to take up residence in my heart and foster a wild, untethered home: no fences, no do not disturb signs.
Let there be no question of my love in this world.
I invite you to bear witness to my love as it unfurls itself through the tangled web of whole and broken hearts, stretching across our vast Universe into the great unknown.
I offer you love.
Uninhibited and undoubtedly free.
I offer you love as a soul who pushes the edge and awakens to her deepest truths.
I offer you love as a facilitator who guides those ready and willing to leap beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone.
I will dance, and speak, and LIVE from love.
I will allow this love that lives within me to forever remain sacred, holy, and divine.
So here I stand, arms open wide, ready to receive, ready to listen, ready to LOVE.
Are you ready?
Meet me at the corner of your heart and mine, and together, we shall see where love leads us.


Love Junkie

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