From The Heart Yoga

Mind, Body, and Breath

Yoga means *union*. This can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but more often than not includes the activation of the mind, body, and breath. Our From the Heart Yoga practice incorporates meditation, pranayama (breath) techniques, and asana (posture) to support your unfolding as a way to help you remember who you truly are; the YOU you have always been, but have forgotten or buried due to the weight of the world around you.
Join us for customized, private sessions in our home-based Anahata (heart) studio!


There are many, many paths of yoga. The practice of hatha yoga is the model that we have come to know the best through our Western culture, with a strong focus on asana. However, in addition to the practice of hatha, we will begin to explore the path of Bhakti. Bhakti yoga is a devotional practice, traditionally to God/Source/Universe, which I believe ultimately translates as devotion to LOVE. Through the union of mind, body, and breath and through a devotion to love, is where you will remember your heart.

Individual Session:

This custom, heart-based practice is for anyone who has a deep desire to remember what LOVE is in all its forms. Asana, pranayama, and meditation will support your flow of energy so that mind, body, and heart can more fully align. When we feel in alignment, our awareness of *magic* and synchronicities begins to shift, becoming more clear and apparent. We are then able to more readily move towards opportunities that present themselves to us.


Couples Session:

A heart-centered practice to move you into deeper connection with your beloved. This class will journey through a series of playful postures you can experience with your partner. Pranayama techniques and guided meditation with tune you in with your partner’s heart, helping to cultivate a more profound expression of your love. Playfulness is a key component to keeping the spark in your relationship, so get ready to dive into a meaningful but fun class!


Pricing for Individual:

Single Class: $100

3 Class Pass: $270

6 Class Pass: $480


Pricing for Couples:

Single Class: $150

3 Class Pass: $420

6 Class Pass: $780