The Love Junkies

Meet The Love Junkies


“I’ve spent most of my life feeling inspired and called to guide people deeper into their own hearts. For the last 20+ years, my path has taken me through a variety of modalities, such as yoga, Usui Reiki, ayurvedic Thai bodywork, and HoopYogini, to help me explore, understand, and embody the multi-faceted layers of our souls. As an experienced and certified yoga teacher, I enjoy the discovery of somatic movement in my own body; moving in ways that awaken me to the power of my feminine sensuality, the fire that ignites my personal development, and the freedom to love and play as a divine being.

My continuous study of spirituality and relationships has been vital in my ability to connect with people through body, mind, and soul. Learning how to channel energy and hold space, while actively observing and listening, have been invaluable tools for fostering empathy and wisdom so that I may be equipped to guide others through their own transformations. Stepping into these practices at an early age provided me with an inherent curiosity to dive more fully into the relationship between our tangible, physical reality, and other states of spiritual connectedness and consciousness. I believe that as human beings, we are here to learn how to navigate consciously through these two planes. That is where the heart comes in.

The heart chakra is said to be the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, therefore, I am wholly invested in supporting those who yearn to live more fully from this place. Healthy, conscious, and sacred relationships are a cornerstone for raising the planetary vibration; through the work of cultivating sovereignty, establishing polarity, and aligning with and embodying our heart’s truest bliss, I believe that anyone with a desire to create a container in which to nurture a more sacred relationship with their beloved, and ultimately, their own heart, will succeed in living a life filled with passion, purpose, conscious awareness, and LOVE .”


“My life has been dedicated to helping the world heal. I run a federal non profit charity called reKindle with my daughter, which is focused on spreading kindness and helping those who need it most. When Rae and I finally found each other, I realized that we could also start something together that focuses on what we know best: LOVE. The combination of love and kindness has been my life’s work here on Earth, and The Love Junkie Lifestyle is the culmination of all I have learned so far.

From a young age, I have been told that I will become an angel, a shaman, a healer, or a leader. I never really knew what that was to mean, but I became interested in finding out at a very young age. I’ve spent decades studying various forms of alternative therapy for depression, learning about religions and various belief systems around the world, and figuring out ways to connect modern day living and technology with the wisdom of the sages. Through my personal meditation practice and life of service to others, I’ve picked up so many effective tools along the way that I want to share with the world. And now that I am here in this place in time, now that I have FINALLY found my twin flame, I am finally ready to heal the world in every way I can.

Rae is magic, and I am fire. Together we are a powerful force for good, purifying hearts and fanning people’s flames. We LOVE seeing people transform and bloom in front of our eyes. It’s our greatest combined joy!

Let us help guide YOU on this leg of your journey, and I promise to do all I can to help you find the love within yourself you’ve always known was there. <3”