Create A Plan

Plan the success of your relationship and watch it unfold like the love story you've always longed for.

Build Your Foundation

Build an unshakable foundation to keep your relationship rock solid, even when things get tough.

Grow Together

Align together with your partner, or yourself, for your greatest good.


Watch your relationship blossom as you venture into new exciting territory with your beloved.

Journey To Spiritual Oneness

The path is there for you, it always has been. Let us show you the way. Align with yourself and your partner to achieve a true twin flame connection.


Exclusive Membership for seekers and lovers. Guided meditations, daily affirmations, weekly practices, live monthly meetings, private FB group access, and discounts on all products and services! Join the revolution!


Tools for building a stronger, more conscious, and heart centered sacred partnership with your beloved. Learn how to become the “goals” relationship.


A little magic goes a long way. Crystals, oils, potions, malas, art, and more. Here’s your one stop shop for all things LOVE! 


The Anahata ceremony I experienced with Rae and Chris was profound. It truly was a journey back to loving myself in a way that made me a better person.

Josh Zuniga

Philanthropist / Realtor

Rae and Chris have been instrumental in helping get my marriage back on track. They truly pour love into us and remind us of the good inside. We have made great strides at healing our relationship and becoming stronger together.

Angela Luis

The Anahata Ceremony with the Love Junkies was exactly what we needed. We have always loved each other, but to take some time to truly honor our partnership can be difficult with so many responsibilities. Such a great recharge. So much love.

Terry and Janet Lawry

The Love Junkies

Who Are The Love Junkies?

It’s the kind of story you hear about in songs, watch in sappy rom-coms, or read about in sweeping romance novels…except this time it was for real.

It’s a love story that started happening around us before we could even see it coming. And for a time, we even tried to deny it. But, the Universe had other plans.

You know how when something is meant to be, synchronicities and signs get thrown your way over and over again? Well, let’s just say that we were no exception to that rule. The entire world becomes magic when falling in love, and we were at the forefront of that Great Mystery. Our goal is to keep that magic alive for years, moments, and breaths to come.

We are Rachael-Grace and Chris, we are twin flames, and we are love.

We are The Love Junkies.

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We want to connect with you. It’s our life’s purpose. All you gotta do is reach out and contact us. Let’s light the flame together, and watch your relationship with yourself, your beloved, and the world shine bright!